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JSON to Java POJO converter from instantwebtools.net. You can easily convert any given JSON into a Java-based POJO class using this converter. Additionally, this converter supports for Lombok project as well.

Lombok Support

Here we are supporting to generate java POJO with Lombok annotations to create clean code. We are supporting the following Lombok annotations with imports.

  • Data annotation - This will add @Data annotation to every java class, which generates using this converter.
  • NoArgs Constructor - This will add @NoArgsConstructor to the generated class, which will create a public constructor without any parameter.
  • AllArgs Constructor - This will add a constructor with all the parameters.
  • Getter - Generate getters.
  • Setter - Generate Setters.
  • RequiredArgs Constructor - This will add a constructor with required arguments.
  • Builder - Add builder annotation allows users to quickly build an object with a given class using a builder pattern.
  • ToString - Add @ToString annotation, which will enable us to create to string method.
  • Generate Class without Lombok

    Additionally, you can create a traditional java POJO class without getters and setters using this converter. Just disable the Lombok support tick box and try. It will create a java class without Lombok and adding all the getters and setters into the generated class structure.

    Other Properties

  • Base Class Name - This converter generating multi-level class sets on requests. Base class param will be used on building top-level class.
  • The data type for decimals - We are capturing decimals and set data type using these flags, and the default is Double.
  • eg: {"actualBalance": 20003.44} This will convert to private Double actualBalance;

  • The data type for Integers - We are capturing integers and set data type using these flags, and the default is Integer.
  • eg: {"authId": 2} This will convert to private Integer authId;


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